Walker - Brown - Fosh - Nye - Jones Family History


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Adelade Rose M Cook
1911108Wandsworth, London, England119714860London
Agnes Cook
1889130Finsbury Park, Middlesex, England0
Alfred James Cook
September 1857162Marylebone, Middlesex, England0
Alice Cook
1890129Hackney, London, England0
Amy Frances Cook
March 1867152Marylebone, Middlesex, England0
Annie A Cook
about 1893126Hackney, London, England0
Archibald Cook
1899120Highgate, Middlesex, England0
Esther Caroline Baker
Caroline Cook
1867152St Marys Cray, Kent, England3
Edwin Charles Cook
about 1852
about 1852
Wil, Wiltshire, England
Elsie Ann Cook
February 18, 192594Shoreditch, Greater London, England, United Kingdom020091083Shoreditch, Hackney, London, England, United Kingdom
Emala Lavinia Cook
Emala Levenia Brown
166St Georges, Middlesex, England
Holborn, London, England
9472West Ham, Essex, England
155 Fulborne Rd E.17 from Whipps Cross Hospital
155 Fulborne Rd E.17 from Whipps Cross Hospital
Ernest Arthur Cook
about 1881138London, United Kingdom0
Ethel S Cook
about 1883136Hackney, London, England0
Flora Priscilla Cook
April 1878141Hackney, London, England0February 10, 19348555Middlesex, England
Florence Priscilla Cook
about 18781410
Frederick C Cook
about 1888131London, United Kingdom0
George Cook
about 1883136Hackney1
George Henry Cook
about 1861158Marylebone, Middlesex, England3
George William Cook
1888131Finsbury Park, Middlesex, England0
James Thomas Cook
November 26, 18621564 Old Church Street Mile End Old Town Middlesex UK1January 191310650St George in the East, London, United Kingdom
Jennie E known as Ginnie Cook
September 21, 192297Shoreditch, London, England, United Kingdom0February 15, 19734650
John Cook
about 1825194London1
John Cook
1876143Hackney, London, England0
Leonard Cook
May 31, 1918101Holborn, City of London, England, UK0January 26, 2010991Hackney, Greater London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Margaret Ethel known as Dolly Cook
May 31, 1918101Holborn, City of London, England, UK0January 5, 19833664Walthamstow, London, England, United Kingdom
Minnie Mary Elizabeth Cook
October 1873146Hackney, London, England0June 19526778Hackney, London, England
Priscilla Elizabeth Cook
about 1861158Marylebone, Middlesex, England2
Rhoda May M Cook
1890129Islington0January 190611316Strand, London
Robert Cook
Robert Cook
about 1828
about 1828
191Exeter, Devon
St Sidwell, Essex, England
6April 26, 187614348London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Robert N Cook
about 1885134London, United Kingdom0
Thomas Cook
March 28, 189412538 Punderson Gardens Bethnal Green Middlesex UK6May 11, 1949705563 Grange Street Hoxton Shoreditch London N1 UK
Thomas James Cook
May 11, 1914105Bethnal Green, Greater London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom0January 26, 19912876Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, England and Wales
Walter Frederick Cook
August 27, 19209943 Grange Street, Hoxton Shoreditch, London N1 UK2December 19, 19833563St Bartholomew's Hospital, England, United Kingdom
William Robert Cook
September 1854
September 1854
165St Georges, Middlesex, England
St George Hanover Square, London, United Kingdom