Walker - Brown - Fosh - Nye - Jones Family History

John Charles Fosh + Caroline Sarah Morgan

9 children
Isabel Alice Fosh
Birth: May 3, 1921 23 21Hackney, Middlesex, England
Death: January 2005Luton, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, England
Caroline Flora Fosh
Birth: August 28, 1922 25 23Hackney, Middlesex, England
Death: October 2005Waltham Forest, London, England
Louise Ellen Fosh
Birth: October 1, 1924 27 25Hackney, Middlesex, England
Death: 1930Hackney, Middlesex, England
John Charles Fosh
Birth: January 10, 1927 29 27Hackney, Middlesex, England
Death: June 3, 1968Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone
Albert George Fosh
Birth: February 8, 1932 34 32Hackney, Middlesex, England
Death: March 17, 2003Luton, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom

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