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Walter Frederick Cook + Private

2 children

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Walter Frederick Cook
Birth: August 27, 1920 26 2843 Grange Street, Hoxton Shoreditch, London N1 UK
Death: December 19, 1983St Bartholomew's Hospital, England, United Kingdom
Thomas Cook
Birth: March 28, 1894 31 3038 Punderson Gardens Bethnal Green Middlesex UK
Death: National Probate records he left £390 to his widow Jane EthelMay 11, 194963 Grange Street Hoxton Shoreditch London N1 UK

Edward Joseph Jones
Birth: September 9, 1892 24 2617 Jersey St. Bethnal Green, London, England, United Kingdom
Death: l (a) Cardiac Arrest (b) Ischaemic Hart Disease ll Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease Peripheral Vascular Disease Certified by Fiona Fey MB. BS.November 21, 1982St Leonard’s Hospital, Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom
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